Selling used pianos in Canberra

Looking for someone to buy your used family piano in Canberra?

It can be easier said than done.  But not impossible.

There are a few convenient and creative ways to rehome the family piano in the ACT.

Brick and mortar options

Family pianos in higher demand, such as Yamahas, can often be sold to Better Music (02) 6282 3199 and DW Music (02) 6163 3600.  They will look at photos, and potentially make an offer and pick up the piano from your home. 

However, their staff say that they can get several calls per week from people wanting to sell their pianos, and they can only buy a fraction of the instruments they’re offered.

Alternative options

If you don’t have luck there, the options become a little less attractive.  There is a piano rescue organisation who will charge $1250 to rescue pianos for good causes, or you can pay a piano removalist to take the piano to landfill.

Selling on Facebook is probably your best bet here, but buyers are often put off by the cost of moving the piano to their home.

A clever way to rehome your piano

A previous team member came up with a very clever idea for rehoming pianos which has proven to be quite successful.

After finding that she had trouble selling, or even giving away, a client’s piano, she tried a new approach.

She decided to list the piano on Facebook for $350 (the cost of removal), highlighting that removal was included.

This turned out to be a very attractive offer to potential buyers.

What if I don’t want to list my piano on Facebook or Gumtree?

I get it, selling online can be a pain, with more than its fair share of tyre-kickers and scammers.

For people who have other things they need to focus on, selling online is a chore they would prefer not to do.

If you are uncomfortable with selling online, this is something we can handle for you.

Our managed sales service

Having grown up in a musical household and with my daughter currently learning piano, I take great pleasure in seeing pianos go to families who can use them.

Usually, we charge for our managed sales, whether the item sells or not.

However, for pianos in good repair, I’m happy to handle the online sales and include our “managed sales” fee as part of the sale.  

So that you are not out of pocket, and the buyer of the piano can cover the removal and our fee. And, ultimately, the piano won’t end up going to landfill.

If you would like to discuss this further, please email or call me on 02 6134 5200.

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