Retirement village and independent unit floor plans

Keep going back and forth on how much to take to your new home?

You’re not alone.

Many people get stuck on which furniture they will and won’t take with them. Wouldn’t it be nice to know for certain where everything will go (with room to cruise around in a wheelie walker) so you can be set up from day one?

I think our done-for-you downsizing plans are our secret weapon for simplifying a downsize.

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Done-for-you floorplans
for downsizing success


Request a callback

We’ll call you at a convenient time to discuss organising a done-for-you floor plan. If you choose to go forward, the cost is $440, including GST


Send furniture measurements

Using our easy-to-follow template (or just a notepad and a pen), write down the measurements for the furniture you’d like to take.


We’ll send back your floor plans

Digitising the floor plan for your unit, we will send you personalised plans based on our discussions with you. Minor changes made for free.

Many thanks for the floor plan. It will be very useful.

Alison, Canberra

Q & A

After you have discussed items you’d like to gift to family or friends, it’s helpful to get a floor plan to help you decide how you’d like to set up everything else.

If you don’t have specific furniture in mind but know you’d like something new, we can include suggested beds / tables / etc for the size of your unit. If you do know what you’d like to get, we can include those measurements (usually on the retailer’s website).

Yes, the floor plans can show the removalists where to put your furniture.

Get the ball rolling with done-for-you floorplans

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