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Our sales process

Why do you recommend considering sales of items first?

Many people avoid decluttering certain items because they feel they might be able to get some money back for them. We often advocate for sales to happen upfront so that the rest of the decluttering process can run more smoothly. Once items of value have been identified and sold, you know that everything else can be donated to a good cause.

Do you take a commission on sales?

No, Downsizing with Care does not take any commission on items you choose to sell second-hand, regardless of the sales methods you choose (auction, dealer, online marketplace).  Nor do we receive any financial compensation from any sales outlets.  

How do you handle second-hand sales?

We can help separate items for sale and facilitate sales through the appropriate outlets. Here’s how it works:

  • Identifying valuable items: We can identify items with potential value in the second-hand market and verify this with potential sales outlets.
  • Recommending sales avenues: Based on the type and value of your items, we can suggest the best sales avenue. This might include:
    • Auction houses: Great for transparency and attracting a range of bidders from around Australia.
    • Second-hand dealers: Suitable for some items like books, LPs and garage items.
    • Online marketplaces: Platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree can be useful for certain items.

The auction house process

  • We’ll connect you with the auction house.
  • We’ll pack the items and arrange for their transportation.
  • Saleable items are photographed and listed for online bidding by the auction house.
  • People across Australia can participate in the auction.
  • The auction house will handle all transactions and communication with the buyer.
  • You’ll receive the sales proceeds directly to your bank account, minus auction house fees and commission (which you pay directly to the auction house).

Does separating items for auction take longer?

It depends on the items.

  • High-value items: For valuable items like solid silver, we’ll catalogue each piece individually.
  • Most items: For most items, we’ll simply flag items of particular value to the auction house and package everything else together for sale as a “lot.” This doesn’t affect our hourly rate – you pay the same rate regardless of whether items are packed for auction or donation.

How do items get to the auction house?

We often recommend Adam and His Truck for reliable and cost-effective removal. At $160 per hour for two men, they’re often cheaper than removalists and are trusted by the auction house to handle auction deliveries. 

Will the items sell all at once?

Sales through the auction house will generally take place over a period of time, with different types of items selling in different auctions.  Keep an eye on the auction receipts that you receive from the auction house as different items are sold at auction.

What happens to unsold items?

You have the option of picking them up or for the items to be donated to charity.

Remember: While we strive to select items likely to sell well at auction, we can’t guarantee the final results. Sometimes, individual items may perform better or worse than expected.  

If you prefer to sell items through other methods, or not to sell items at all, of course that is your choice and we respect whatever decisions you make.  Sales of items are one way, among many, to find good homes for your collections.

We hope this information clarifies our managed sales process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

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