Downsizing consultations

Downsizing is a huge project – there’s no shame in getting help.

We offer a paid phone consultations (with the option of in-home consultations for those in Canberra) to discuss downsizing options to help you and/or family get unstuck, or we can direct you to a local downsizing professional directly.

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In-home or telephone downsizing consultations


Send us a message

Send us a message to explain a little about your situation and where you’re hoping for some guidance.


We’ll arrange a time

We’ll arrange a mutually convenient time for a chat, up to 1 hour where you can ask the difficult questions.


Get advice

Melissa will answer your downsizing queries to help you move forward and send you a summary by email.

“I highly recommend Downsizing with Care to anyone needing motivation to declutter or downsize.  Melissa’s support, clarity and positive attitude have been invaluable to me.  I’m just sorry I didn’t do it earlier.”

Barbara, Curtin

Q & A

If you are helping a family member downsize, Melissa is happy to answer any of your questions. It’s also helpful, where practical, that the person downsizing is able to ask their questions as well.

If you haven’t moved in a while and need help with ordering the work, or if the whole process is intimidating and you don’t know where to start, Melissa can help you to get clear on your next steps.

Want to arrange a downsizing consultation?

Fill out our contact form with your information to get the ball rolling.