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Unlike other downsizing guides,
The Australian Decluttering Directory is specific to Australia, covering all cities and many regional areas.

Sales, donation and disposal options

Sales, donation and disposal options included where appropriate. Choose options that suite your timeframe and style of decluttering.

Decluttering tips and advice

Save yourself from reinventing the wheel. Learn from my years of experience helping people declutter through Downsizing with Care.

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Who it’s for

  • Downsizers: those who want to downsize their home for their next chapter
  • Over-accumulators: those who struggle to cull excess possessions 
  • Community agencies: for case managers and support staff supporting people to stay in their homes
  • Professional organisers: to have a go-to contact list for more unusual items instead of having to rely on Google
  • Helpers and family members: those who are tasked with sorting and deciding on a house full of items.

The Australian Decluttering Directory can also be given as a non-judgemental, informative gift to a loved one.

About the author

I’m Melissa Freasier, director of Downsizing with Care, where we’ve spent over 6000 hours guiding clients through the downsizing process with empathy and understanding.

I understand that downsizing is about more than just getting rid of things. It’s about emotions, memories, and making the best choices.  

With several years of experience helping clients downsize and relocate, I’ve seen it all.  

I’ve never met a household object that I haven’t been able to find a destination for.

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Q & A

Yes, I’ve included appropriate sales and donation outlets, where available, in regional areas of all states and territories.  Also, the downsizing advice applies no matter where you are.

Happy to provide a helping hand there as needed.  Just email me at if you have any questions about accessing your purchase.

Feel free to purchase as a gift.  Just choose the number of copies you would like to buy at checkout.