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5 Ways to be gentle on yourself while downsizing

Downsizing a home and decluttering possessions can often be more stressful than moving day itself.  And just as physical a process.  Here are five tips which could be helpful for maintaining your sanity and physical health during your (or a loved one’s) downsizing project.

  1. Start the process well in advance

    While this is not always possible, it can be very helpful to start making your plans and decluttering decisions early.  If you have a large number of sentimental objects (or are particularly attached to belongings), starting early can help you stay in control of decision making.  Beginning early can also help you get your house ready for sale.

  2. Work in short sessions

    Sometimes the very thought of decluttering can be stressful in its own right.  Set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes and take on small projects. This can get easier as you go along.  But don’t feel bad if you can’t work up to half day or full day sessions. Many of our clients find that 2-3 hour sessions work best for them.

  3. Celebrate small wins

    Often it’s hard to see progress as you begin downsizing!  Rome wasn’t built in a day. Setting small tasks, such as one box per day, can give you a good sense of satisfaction at having met the goals you’ve set yourself.

  4. Don’t berate yourself for “backslides”

    If you’ve cleared one space and then find that it gets filled up later on, don’t panic.  Keep in mind the bigger picture. Once you’ve decluttered all of the spaces, you’ll find that it’s much easier for every object to have a home.

  5. Get help

    There is no shame in recruiting help.  If you want to discuss how we can help, whether it’s creating a plan for your downsizing project or providing hands on assistance with delucluttering or packing, feel free to get in touch.

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